Wedding Venues In Houston

Intimate wedding venues in Houston

Intimate weddings are usually the road less taken. Weddings in its very essence are grandiose celebrations designed to tell the world exactly how it is to be in love and how badly newlyweds want the world to know that their road to forever has just begun. Nobody can blame couples for wanting to call on all their friends, families and colleagues to celebrate with them on such a fateful day. Why would anybody want to, anyway? Wedding days serve to mean great mornings, lovely afternoons and the most romantic evenings ever made.

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However, not everybody can or wants to work under the stress and pressure of staging such a big and important celebration under the eyes of the people close to them. While we all know our family and friends have the best intentions and will be on their very best behaviors on such a special day, some of us probably also want to be actually, really present on our wedding day. Big celebrations sometimes cause the bride and groom (the bride most of all) to keep worrying about all sorts of stuff: Is it too hot? Is it too cold? Is the food enough? Are my guests complete? Is my dress ok? Is that my ring bearer throwing a tantrum?!? And why is my maid of honor crying uncontrollably and ruining her makeup? She’d be ruining all my wedding photos!

The worries can go on and on and on and guys, for centuries, remain to be baffled by all of these. So if you’re one of those people who doesn’t want to live in that wedding day nightmare, small, intimate wedding venues in Houston are just the thing for you. However, all weddings big and small require the same amount of preparation, foresight and creativity. Of course, there’s that budget to talk about. To walk you through how to go about searching for intimate Houston wedding venues and where to have that one-of-a-kind close-knit ceremony, keep reading on.


1. Clubhouses
If you live in a good neighborhood with a stunning clubhouse that has the amenities for a small wedding party, by all means, do not look further. The great thing about village clubhouses as a place to hold your Houston wedding is that they are less expensive than mainstream wedding venues and are close to home, yours and your guests as well. Stop by your clubhouse and talk to the one in-charge to run by your wedding details with him or her. Try to check what other items (chairs, tables, dance floor, kitchen) they can offer so you can see how it can cater to your wedding party.

Aside from the clubhouse manager, you might need to seek the permission of the village housing association to inform security and homeowners about the gathering taking place at your desired date. Assure them that you will be working within the limits of the village rules and will be keeping the merrymaking at a minimum. Lucky for you, a party of 50 will most likely keep it at a hush-hush.

2. Quaint Houston Wedding Chapels
Some couples, while wanting to keep their vows amongst their closest kin and friends, still want to do it with the blessing of the higher power. There are a lot of small churches in Houston that are open to conducting a wedding ceremony for a small group at a minimal fee. Large cathedrals also often have smaller chapels that you can opt to reserve for your wedding. You can still have all the works of a Houston church wedding – a red carpet, a flower-strewn aisle, a lovely choir, without all the fuss of a hundred cameras flashing or a long, grueling walk to the altar with teary eyes.

3. Houston Destination Weddings
Destination weddings, by the concept itself, almost always already mean a small wedding party. Not everybody can be ready to shell out a small fortune to go to your Alaskan wedding or your tropical-themed vows in the Bahamas. If you’ve got less than a hundred willing to go miles and miles to be with you on your special day, try to book a tiny resort or inn which you can have exclusively for you and your wedding party only. Most wedding locations are flexible in creating packages for small groups and can even assure you of more dedicated service because of the manageable number they’ll be serving.

4. Gallery
Allow me to throw in a little something out-of-the-box and hear me out on this choice of intimate wedding venues in Houston. Just close your eyes and imagine the small, almost dim lights, but you can see everything perfectly, and beautifully. Imagine the priceless art around you, the creativity, the energy that comes from deep passion—isn’t this just the perfect place to wed? I know some people don’t see galleries as a first choice for a wedding venue, but inquire at the one nearest you (or the one you’ve been dying to go to for ages) and it just might surprise you.

Intimate Houston wedding venues have three-fourths less the hassle of large weddings, but can be met with some criticism. Most people might get to thinking why they’re not on the guest list and not everybody might understand. To be able to pull off your intimate Houston wedding, do your best to explain to your friends and acquaintances that you and your fiancée have come to a decision to celebrate the most important day with your families for now. Assure them that you will be inviting them to an informal reception at a later date.

You may also remind them that you’re working on a tight budget and would like to keep it on the low down for now. True friends will be able to respect your decision and will continue to give you best wishes for your wedding day. If there are people who still cannot come to terms with it, give them a little more time and don’t stress too much about it.

You’re just in the early stages of planning, and there’s still so much to do! Brace yourself and whatever you do, have fun!